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Remember your first winner…?

That’s what you’re here for. To be a winner.
Well, you’re in good company.
Because winning has been my business for more than three decades.
As a punter. An owner. And a tipster.
And I’m here to help YOU enjoy more winners, more often.

Join the inner circle of the UK’s favourite racing advisor today.

Today you’re invited to put the UK’s longest running tipster to the test – risk free. Sample 3 services for up to 14 days. Then get them ALL, packed with exclusive betting information for the price of just one. Sound fair?

Allow me to introduce myself…

Meet the man with a 30+ year winning streak.

My name is Lee Bolingbroke.

I’m probably best known these days as a successful racehorse owner. With more than 84 wins to my name and 21 horses currently in training.

But I’ve always been a punter at heart.

And to be honest I miss the days of terrorising the bookmakers – before they shut my accounts.

Because the bookies definitely do NOT like winners!
So I had to replace the buzz – and income – by becoming a winning tipster.

Devising a stable of high-quality betting services. Going on to generate a profit EVERY YEAR since 1991.

8 Prime Ministers. 6 Presidents. 3 Popes. 1 winning service!

Yes, you read that right. Profits every single year. Since nineteen-ninety-one!
That year Seagram won the Grand National. Garrison Savannah won the Gold Cup. And Generous won the Derby.
It seems a lifetime ago. And plenty has changed since then.

My tips have gone from recorded messages on phonelines… to tip sheets by post… to personal email… to WhatsApp message!

But the winning bets have kept on coming. And my reputation has grown and grown.
Not just among my members, but within the racing industry.
That’s why people are saying things like this…

No magic formula. No secret system. Just quality information.

The secret of my success is no secret at all. It’s simply a case of putting the work in.
I’ve devoted my entire adult life to racing. It has taken tens of thousands of hours of hard graft – working the courses and the yards. Studying the key performance indicators, plotting the trends.
Plus, I talk to people. I’m on first-name terms with owners, trainers and jockeys up and own the country. In daily contact with some of the country’s top performing yards.
This gives me the inside track on what is really happening.
And where the smart money is going.

Take a peek behind the stable door with me!

I know when a horse is in tip-top condition, flying up the gallops behind closed doors.
And fully expected to bring home the bacon.
But just as importantly – I also know which horses are making up the numbers. Those that haven’t eaten or slept properly ahead of the off. Or those that are not 100% race-ready.
Or those that are just out for a good blow because the trainer has his eyes on a bigger prize down the line.

Put me to the test for up to 14-days – 100% risk free!

Talk is cheap, right? You want proof. That’s why I’m happy to GUARANTEE you a winning bet in the first 7-days of your trial. If I fail to deliver – I’ll give you another 7-days. On me.

Get a personal heads-up on
MY OWN horses.

PLUS, my members get exclusive first-hand intel from inside MY OWN stables.
So you’ll be the first to know when I am strategically placing one of my horses purely for betting purposes.
Allowing you to cash in on BIG VALUE bets totally under the radar of regular punters. And the bookies!
Sound good?

So what do members of my service get…?
It’s a good question. And I’ve got a GREAT answer…
Because for the first time ever, I’m offering new members the full kitchen sink!


Put my NEW IMPROVED ALL-IN-ONE betting advice to the test for a full 14-days.

Let me explain…
We all bet differently.
Some bet daily. Some at the weekend. Others dip in and out as they fancy.
And that’s all good. Because I’ve always catered for ALL types of punters…

Weekend Preview Service
  • My Weekend Preview Service delivers a detailed race by race guide of the weekend’s biggest meetings. Plus, bonus daily coverage of all major midweek meetings and festivals – flat and jumps.
  • Type of tip: Likely winners for every race on the card. Plus, big price each-way value.
  • Delivered: By email at 11am Saturday morning. With festival previews by 11am daily.
Premium Inner Circle Service
  • My Premium Inner Circle Service delivers 8-12 gilt-edged opportunities each month based on my personal research and analysis. PLUS, the exclusive heads-up when I am running MY OWN horses for betting purposes.
  • Type of tip: Red-hot fancies that can arrive at any time, for any race.
  • Delivered: Direct to your phone via WhatsApp/ SMS and email.
Daily Hotline Service
  • My Daily Hotline Service delivers 1-4 bets a day based on word-of-mouth intel from my inner circle of industry contacts. Including the bookmakers that are offering the best value.
  • Type of tip Win / each-way picks up to 4 times a day.
  • Delivered: By phoneline – straight from the horse’s mouth

And for the first time ever – I’m offering them ALL under one roof...

Get ALL THREE of my services for the
price of less than ONE!

You’re invited to sign up for the ultimate racing service.

Daily bets. Weekly previews. Flat and Jump season. All year round.

Platinum Package

That’s right. You’ll get a full-spectrum all-in-one Platinum Package that covers all your racing needs.


1-4 daily bets:
Direct to your mobile via WhatsApp and email.

Weekend Preview:
Emailed by 11am every Saturday.

Daily Race Card:
Emailed by 11am daily during major meetings.

PLUS, each week there’ll be exclusive updates and insight from inside the industry. Including going reports, trainer and stable updates, vlogs, videos and trackside whispers from some of the UK’s top performing yards.

My best ever betting service. GUARANTEED!

And that means it is THE best ever betting service!

Monday to Saturday you’ll get 1-4 gilt-edged betting opportunities – sent direct to your mobile phone via WhatsApp and by email.

You can pick and choose between the short-price bankers… the big-price value… smaller meetings or major festivals… day of the race or ante-post. It’s completely up to you.

You’re free to dip in and out as you please. Safe in the knowledge that if you miss out on a winner on Monday, there’ll be more on the way on Tuesday… Wednesday… Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

All for one monthly fee. No call charges. No hidden costs.

So how much does it cost?

You can secure full membership to my all-in-one Platinum Betting Package today for just £10 a month. All in.

Yes, that’s right. A tenner. An Ayrton. Ten English pounds.

The price of a couple of pints. Two Racing Posts. Your monthly Netflix or Amazon subscription.
About 5 and a half litres of fuel (!)

I know what you’re thinking…

How can I offer a 30-year-proven-money-making tipping service – which stacks a £19.99 Preview Service + a £24.99 Premium Service + daily hotline service (£2 per min) for just £10 a month. Two reasons. One, I am scrapping the limit on members. This was necessary to give everyone a chance to get on at the prices quoted. But with up to 4 bets a day and people dipping in and out, this is no longer an issue. And two, this isn’t my only source of income. So long as I cover my costs, I’m happy. And I do it for the love of hammering the bookies!

Your 14-day ‘no winner, no pay’ guarantee!

You also get up to 14 days to put me to the test – risk free.

Sign up today and your payment will be waived for 7-days. That gives me a week to deliver a winning bet. If I fail, you’ll get another 7-days.

And of course, you are free to cancel at any time.

If you’re not happy with the money you are making. Or – for any other reasons – are not 100% satisfied with the level of service you are getting – the tips, the delivery, the previews, the research…

Or even if you just change your mind, or want a break of things. No problem.
One call, one email and it’s done.
We’ll keep your membership open for you so you’re free to come back at any time.

No obligation. No pressure. No worries.

So let’s quickly summarise what
I’m offering you today

For just £10 a month. All in.

No call charges no hidden fees. Just high-quality tips and industry intel – sent direct to your phone.

I look forward to welcoming you to my inner circle.

See you in the winner’s enclosure!

Best wishes

Lee Bolingbroke

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