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A millionaire punter, a tipster and a racehorse owner are sat in a pub…

No, it’s not the start of a crap joke – but it could have you laughing all the way to the bank…

Because if you were fortunate enough to bump into this trio at the bar, what would be the first question you asked…?

My guess is it would be: ‘What are you backing at the weekend!?

Well, it’s your lucky day. Because you HAVE just met them…

And they’ll be delighted to share their racing tips with you this weekend and EVERY weekend!

Put the UK’s best tipster to the test for the next two weeks, FREE

Or rather I am…
Because the successful punter, tipster and owner in question is actually one person. Me.

Dear Profit Hunter,

My name is Lee Bolingbroke and I’ve devoted the last three decades to making money from horse racing. First as a punter, then as an owner – and ALWAYS as a tipster.
My betting services are now in their 28th consecutive winning year. And I’d like to offer you the chance to put them to the test – ON ME…

Something for the weekend, Sir?

Get my hand-picked shortlist of the weekend’s BEST bets direct to your inbox every Saturday morning.
Plus, DAILY advice ahead of every major meeting and Festival.
It works like this…
On the morning of every race day, I send my members a personal email giving them a race by race guide to where the smart money is going that day.
Highlighting where the REAL betting value is in every race – PLUS any trackside whispers I’ve been privy to during the week from my industry contacts.
These days I’m on first-name terms with owners, trainers and jockeys up and down the country. With exclusive access to some of the UK’s top performing yards.
So I know when a horse is in tip-top condition, flying up the gallops at home and expected to bring home the bacon.
And I also know when it should be avoided like the norovirus – because connections have their eyes on a bigger prize down the line and the horse is just out for a good blow!
This is privileged insider info you will NOT see anywhere else. And I’m delighted to let you have a sneak peek – FREE!

I’ve reserved a 14-day Guest Membership with your name on it.

This gives you a full two weeks to cash-in on my Weekend Previews, plus Daily Previews on all the major meetings and festivals in between.
If you are not 100% delighted by the money you make in that 14-days, simply walk away with my good wishes. It won’t have cost you a penny.

I’ve reserved a 14-day Guest Membership with your name on it.

So what do you get in a typical Preview…?

My Previews will cover an entire race card – usually five to seven races – providing a detailed summary and at least one selection in every race.
Sometimes you’ll get two selections. For example, if I can’t see anything beating the odds-on fancy I will say so, BUT… if there is big price Each Way bet to be had on an undervalued horse in the same race – I’ll flag that up too.
For punters in a hurry, I’ll also provide an at-a-glance guide of the day’s tips. Giving you the race time, the odds and the recommended bookmaker offering the best terms. So you can get your bets on as soon as the Preview arrives in your inbox, then read the race analysis at your leisure.
All my selections are my own work. Based on MY research, or from first-hand intelligence passed on by my inner-circle of contacts – heard with MY own ears.
Of course, as an owner with over a dozen horses in training – one HUGE advantage I now have is the ability to place my own horses in races purely for betting purposes.
Letting my members fly under the radar of the bookies to cash in.
But enough of my big talk. This is a results business and you want proof it works, right?
That’s why I’m inviting you to take a 14-day free trial. Call it a ‘Guest Membership’ if you like, allowing you to put me to the test without risking a penny.

Wish you had a direct line into the UK’s top yards ahead of every big meeting…?
PING! You’ve got it…

Fancy a personal one-to-one with an owner every time he’s got a horse running…?
PANG! Happy to oblige…

Want to know what racing’s most prolific winner is backing this weekend…?
POOM! No problem…

I’ll give you my personal take on how to turn money that jingles into money that folds EVERY weekend and EVERY day all major flat and jumps meeting.

Get my exclusive advice over the next two weeks RISK-FREE…


See you in the winner’s enclosure,

Best wishes


P.S. Don’t forget, your 14-day trial won’t cost you a penny. If you are not blown away by the money you have made by then, feel free to walk away with my best wishes. It just frees up a place for someone else.

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